Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Denim Jacket

Denim jacket - LOTD (here)
Shoes - Koi Footwear (here)


If you want your outfits to instantly look a little more 'glam', invest in some embroidered pieces. Not only does it add a beautiful dimension in texture, but the intricate designs and brights colours can instantly make an outfit look more unique. I love the red floral work on the shoulders of this denim jacket, which conveniently matched the embroidered design on the shoes. There's a variety of different textures going on in this outfit - denim, velvet, fringes on the shirt etc - but the complimenting embroidery work is what really pulls it all together.

A common misconception is that embroidery pieces are expensive, but this really doesn't need to be the case! This jacket was just £27.50 and the shoes were only £30 (excluding student discounts and coupon codes too!) Both pieces are comfortable, durable and excellent quality - all for a fraction of the price of their high-end counterparts. I'm all for investing in high-end pieces, but sometimes you just want to update your wardrobe with some fast fashion. A few clicks and discount codes later, and my wardrobe is feeling refreshed already thanks to these pieces.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Red Blazer


I haven't actually posted on this blog for over a year. This post is just to remind you all that I am alive! I wanted to post a bit more content here before I get my head down in books again.

As soon as I saw this red longline blazer I knew I had to buy it! Red is the colour of the season and this blazer just felt like the right way to channel it. Blazers are often associated with workwear, but I didn't want this blazer to fit in with the workplace. But the bold and bright colour, along with the padded shoulders and longline fit, made this blazer the perfect evening piece.

Wary of overdoing the whole outfit, I opted for high-waisted black cigarette pants to offset the blazer's longline fit. The additional white ribbed shirt made sure that all attention was on the red. Overall, I wanted this outfit to emulate what a confident, sophisticated woman would choose to wear. A woman who isn't afraid of mixing conventional pieces with modern tailoring and bright colours.

I bought these heels from here. They are six inches and very glam but surprisingly pretty easy to walk in! I wish I wore heels more often because they really do add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Love from,

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