Friday, 29 July 2016

808s and Heartbreak

808s and Heartbreak was Kanye West's fourth album and marked his biggest departure from the usual style of his previous records. 808s was stripped down, electronic, sparse and mostly auto-tuned. Initially the album was poorly received, some critics describing it as 'laziness disguised as minimalism and vulnerability' (see here). But the album was still a number 1 Billboard hit, and later inspired and influenced the likes of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Drake.  

I can't really explain the correlation between a Kanye West album and a fashion blog, but lately I've been interested in people who take stylistic departures from their usual style. I wouldn't call this outfit anything near a 'stylistic departure', or that I am planning to embark on one, but I admire people who have the confidence to want to change, and actually go through with it. I'm trying to use this blog as a way to document all the little changes that I personally undergo until I can look back at the very first post, and then the most recent post, and feel that I too had an 808s and Heartbreak moment.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Best Way to Deal with Negativity and Why

I wanted to share with you guys the reasons behind why I write diaries. It is a pastime which has always helped me in the way I think, self-reflect, block out negativity and maintain a positive outlook on life. I hope that by the end of this post I can also convince you to start writing your own diaries.

From a very young age I have always been keeping random journals and scrapbooks, but it was from the age of eleven that I decided to religiously start writing diaries. I would buy a big new journal for each year and would fill it with everything from poems written at 3am to train tickets and random flower petals pressed between pages. Back then I did it because it was fun (and because social media was a myth), but now looking back, I didn't realise that I was creating a timeline of how I matured and grew up. Reading through my old diaries now, I can see how my views developed, how my style of writing changed, alongside random little life events which I otherwise would never have remembered today. Since realising this, I have made it my aim to continue writing diaries, to document as many significant and insignificant personal thoughts and random train tickets to random places as I can. 

And I want to encourage you to do the same. Why?

1. You will get to know yourself better
Writing has always been seen as a classic form of self-expression. From eloquent poetry to random scribbles and drawings, it's fascinating how a simple pen and some time can paint a picture of your deepest thoughts. Keeping a diary is one of the best forms of self-expression because you can be completely honest with yourself, there is no pressure to censor your thoughts when you are writing for yourself.

When trying to explain this point to friends, I like to use social media as an example. Social media is great, but in essence, when you are updating a status or posting a tweet, you are doing it for other people to interact with and for other people to validate. But when writing a diary, you are doing it for yourself to read and look back on, it is a form of self validation. Trust me when I say you will be surprised at the things you write when you put yourself in an environment completely free from societal views and pressures. You will discover views you never knew you had, causes you never knew you cared about and things you never knew you loved.

There is no better way to understand and to know yourself than by allowing yourself the time and space to question and give space to the views you really hold. Socrates's famous adage to 'know thyself' springs to mind here; this form of self-reflection paves the road to long-established wisdom.

2. It's incredibly therapeutic
Sort of related to the first point, when writing a diary you have the opportunity to jot down absolutely anything pressing your mind. It's a way to give a voice to whatever you are keeping suppressed inside you. People let out their anger and stress in different ways, I prefer to 'make' something out of any negativity I am feeling, the end result being something I can look back on learn from (a positive). Developing this type of emotional intimacy where you can convert negativity into a form of positivity is incredibly useful when you're facing hard choices and want to make the best decisions.

Writing diaries is a way to control the intensity of your emotions because when writing, you are reducing activity in a part of your brain called amygdala (responsible for memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions). As a result, you will feel calmer, happier, and ultimately more content.

3. Something to look back on
We take pictures to remember memories for the future, similarly, we write poetry to capture our deepest thoughts and put together collages to collect our musings and aesthetics at the time. It is impossible for us to recreate a picture taken in the moment, just as it is impossible for us to fully experience again the emotions we were feeling at a particular moment, in a particular frame of mind.

When you start writing a diary, you will eventually build up a catalogue of all the things you would otherwise eventually forget. It is a pretty incredible feeling to be able to look back on something you wrote a few years ago, or even a few weeks ago, and to think 'I can't believe I went through that!'. It's a good feeling, it encourages you to keep going through whatever you are going through, and it helps you to appreciate the little details in life that otherwise go unnoticed.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it has been useful!

Love from,


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pink Bomber


If you've been reading my blog for a long time then you're probably already familiar with the fact that I wear a lot of men's clothing. Not only is it significantly cheaper, but I just generally prefer the loose fitting and playing around with a slightly different structure to women's clothing. This is my brother's jacket (I hope you can't tell), but I tried to make it look more feminine by really focusing on enhancing the pink tones in the outfit. That being said, if I really wanted this outfit to look feminine, I would have swapped the Stan Smiths for heeled boots and ditched the backpack and stacked bracelets, but decided not to. Part of the fun of fashion is being able to mix and match totally contrasting styles and make something your own. And life's too short to be spending £55 on a Topshop bomber jacket anyway.

Love from,


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Inspiration: Copper

Shop the look:

Rose Gold / Copper

I've been obsessed with the colour rose gold for quite some time now, but seeing as the 2016 Pantone colour of the year is rose quartz, (see here) I thought it would be good timing to put together a small collage of beautiful copper-coloured pieces.

The unique blend of copper and gold to make the popular blush pink colour has often meant that rose gold has been seen as quite feminine. Hence, its growing appearance in everything from jewellery to handbags and even makeup seems precedented. But my predictions for the future are that coppery tones will continue to grow in popularity and could even become a new staple neutral shade. Particularly when combined with wooden accents and grey tones, layered metallics like copper look sleek and elegant, but in an uncontrived way.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful, chalky pink shade. I love how it is such an understated shade - not quite pink but not quite gold either, it has the potential to look cosy and clean, sophisticated but neutral, all at once.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Oversized Denim


On a whim, I decided to grab my camera and take a few pictures around my beautiful city and it's beautiful (but massively underrated) architecture. I did end up taking some pretty nice pictures, but I also ended up with these pictures on my memory card, because somewhere between lugging my camera around and exploring the city, I realised that I really really miss blogging and I really really want to get back into it.

I have been blogging for over six years. In those six years I have kept every post untouched, every ridiculous outfit and crazy photoshop edit is still there. I have no reason to not carry on documenting abstract moments and bits of clothing, if only for me to look back at again in a few years time and think 'how ridiculous'.

But for now, I see no shame in sharing my love for oversized clothing. I love how effortless and simple they look. I paired this jacket with basic skinny jeans and a big chunky scarf. It's a typical British summer over here, in other words, you never really know whether you ought to go out wearing a jacket, or maybe a light cardigan, or maybe thick thermal layers. I always opt for a scarf, they're light to carry around and can be worn in so many different styles.

To the readers who have stuck around for these long six years, thank you, it means a lot. I hope you enjoy all the new posts that are about to light up this dusty blog very soon.

Love from,

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