Friday, 4 September 2015

When It's Hot and Cold at the Same Time

Apologies for the quality of these pictures - they aren't too great! I took them on a whim with my iPhone, but then I awkwardly ran out of storage space so I didn't have much of a selection of pictures to choose from.

It's that awkward time of the year where it's too hot to wear a coat but also too cold to be seen without one. I have resorted to pulling out some chunky cardigans from my autumn/winter wardrobe in substitute of a 'proper' coat. Cardigans are usually lightweight so I don't mind lugging them around in my hands if it's too hot as opposed to a coat, (especially those long coats which are lately all the rage) which can feel heavy after a while.

I'm so excited for polo necks to make another leap back into the season. I genuinely believe polo necks are a brilliant invention because they save you the need to wear a scarf and they also feel so cosy. This lightweight polo neck dress was brilliant for blocking the cold. I also can't wait to finally be wearing boots again. I personally believe summer is an awkward season for footwear because you're balancing between flip flops and sandals; but boots, on the other hand, are sturdy and often packed with a little heel to make you look a bit taller.

Autumn is a season of beautiful colour and I also can't wait for the masses of brown/burgundy/khaki colours to be plastered everywhere in the shops, and also to see all the pretty leaves littered on the pavements - the most beautiful and appealing season (in my opinion) is almost here!

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Miss Iffa
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