Saturday, 27 October 2012

Anti Fashion

Jumper // Tesco mens // £16
Jacket // Topshop
Jeans // Vintae Levis @ Urban Outfitters // £48
High-tops // Isabel Marant
Beanie // H&M

Hey y'all!

It's definitely sweater season; anything that's knitted and looks cosy instantly catches my eye. Whilst I was doing the usual grocery shopping in Tesco, picking up the latest Vogue and what have you, a khaki coloured cable knit jumper just happened to catch my eye! Of course, I just had to take a look at it, and I instantly bought it, under the impression that my life would be incomplete without this new found sweater. I'm glad I did buy it, even though it was from the men's section; I'm all for a bit of androgyny! Plus, growing up with elder brothers certainly means that I'm used to buying from the men's section, I'm constantly borrowing various bits and bobs from my brothers' wardrobe.

I made a YouTube video with this post, so if you're interested in a little fashion bonus, or if you're just curious to hear what my accent is like, then you know where to click. (Just in case if you don't know where to click, then click here.)

See you soon! Love from,

Miss Iffa 


  1. Your knit jumper's definitely worth your purchase. Looks good.

    Followed you dear. Would gladly appreciate if you follow back. HUGS!

    ~ Sweetstrings

  2. This outfit looks really nice, I love the action shot picture really stands out to the others. I'm also just watching your videos right now ha x

  3. you look amazing!
    love the mix of the grungy karki pieces and neon beanie. really cool outfit
    i wear my levis like you! baggy and rolled up at the cuffs :)

  4. yep! this is perfect!!! i'm in love with this look (obviously) haha.


  5. i really like your jumper :) x

  6. Adorable outfit, you've styled everything together perfectly!

    Emma x

  7. Love the hat - the splash of colour really makes the outfit!

  8. great look! love that sweater!

    - Anna

  9. Great, you are so beautiful:))

  10. to be honest, I never thought people could make bright yellow work but you make it look so cute! I love this outfit. :)


  11. This jumper is SO worth the price, what a find! I'm also one for browsing the men's sections every now and again. I love your beanie hat too, I spotted the same one last week and I might just have to go back and buy it now, I really like the colour!

    P.S. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, really glad you like. And I didn't realise you was from Manchester too, that's awesome!

  12. lovely outfit! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  13. Thanks for your comment.
    Of course I would like to follow each other.
    I'm following you right now.
    I wait you in mine. Kisses.

  14. LOVE this! thank you for following my blog
    and entering my giveaway. Deffo a new follower ;)

  15. cute outfit!

    X Jenny

  16. Great outfit, love the hat!! x

  17. You have nice page too! And cool style :)

  18. Omg I want those jeans, so nice <3

  19. Perfect style, I love your military jacket :)

  20. you're so cool, cute & fashionable! thank you lots for your comment on my blog, i'm already following! :) x


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