Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Layered Lace

Dress & Blazer - Zara | Shoes - Topshop | Watch - Selfridges&co | Slave bracelet - Topshop

First of all, I want to waste no time in saying that my Missiffa store is now open! At the moment there is little I am selling, but I have lots of things lined up to sell; everything from bespoke designer pieces (Kurt Geiger shoes anyone?) to items designed and made by myself. Everything is selling at a good, cheap price, so it's worth you taking a look! You can access my store through my blog (check the links in the banner) or by clicking here. At the moment, I'm selling a beautiful snake print blouse which you should really have a look at here! Opening my own store is a great summer project for me, I already sell to major chains across the world, but e-commerce is something new to me.

As I've mentioned more than once on my blog: I adore lace! Anything adorned with lace is a sure favourite in my books; adding lace to any outfit gives an elegant touch. The creamy white colours of the dress paired with a lightly fringed blazer and pastel pink ballet flats makes an effortlessly sophisticated outfit. My most recent purchase has been a gold Casio watch; the colour gold on watches and jewellery is timeless and was therefore an almost mandatory purchase for me. The watch is is based on those old school, 1990's watches; and me, forever being the 90s kid I am, felt it was necessary to pay homage to former era. I have South Asian roots, and the culture of India/Pakistan is both fascinating and alluring. Slave bracelets and bindis among many other things have made their way into the western fashion market, I think it's wonderful that more of the world is seeing how beautiful our culture is! I am a self-confessed culture hybrid, so I'm always incorporating something eastern into my western clothing.

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all my wonderful readers and followers! I recently passed the 600 follower mark and I really cannot believe it! Thank you all for being so supportive and frankly, the best readers in the world.

Love from,

Miss Iffa 


  1. I love your watch and that dress is so cute!


  2. your dress is beautiful, love it.

    Lorna x


  3. wow these pictures are so gorgeous! i love the lighting, its beautiful and it almost has a magical fairytale feel about it!



  4. Hey Iffa. Thank you for the lovely comment again. Started following your blog, Im super impressed with it, love the layout and heading. If you ever fancy doing a beauty products swap, let me know. Think it would be a cool idea .xx

  5. You look simply adorable! :) I totally agree with you: Lace is gorgeous - and whenever your wear it, you look ten times more elegant than in just linen/cotton. ;)
    And I liked the scenery of your shooting.

  6. Congratulations! We hope your boutique is a success, so proud of you Iffa! =^ ^=

  7. Missiffa!!! I love your blog!! Thank you SO much for your message on my blog, you are so so sweet! I am absolutely following you now!!!
    Christa Jayne

  8. Lovely outfit xx

  9. This is absolutely refreshing!

  10. hi honey! i just found your blog today and i love it so!! please check out my baby blog and if you like it we can follow each other!


    see you soon,

  11. These are great pictures and its a lovely outfit. Congrats on the store!


  12. You loos gorgeous! I really want that watch! Thank you so much for the lovely comment you made on my blog, it really means a lot <3 I love your too and am now following :)

  13. What a pretty dress, and LOVE your accessories!

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. Love your white dress! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'd love to follow you back. I'm now following with bloglovin. If you haven't followed my blog with bloglovin please do the same for me :)

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  15. That bracelet is gorgeous, you look so lovely!

  16. You adore lace, I adore lace... because lace is AWESOME. I'm going to go look at your shop now--congratulations on opening it.

  17. Lovely dress!


  18. oh my gosh! thanks for your lovely comment! Oh, I really don't know what to say!
    Your blog is much better than mine! ;) My blog isn't really the epitome of perfection! But thank you sooo much! Your outfit is really nice. (: I love your watch, I always wanted a watch like this, but i never got to buy it.

    So again: thank you soooo much!
    Loty of love for you!
    Lissy ♥

  19. oh what an adorable dress darling! and of course i would love to follow each other! so i´m your newest follower;) i hope you visit me soon again darling!

  20. your pictures are lovely!! I replied to your comment on my blog - it says you're not actually following me, something must have gone wrong!

  21. You look so cute, I love lace, it's feminine and romantic :)

  22. I also L.O.V.E Lace, it makes me feel pretty :)
    The bracelet is awesome!!! x

  23. So pretty! Love this dress & the way you styled it!
    btw, thanks for your comment! I'm your newest follow so you can follow me back as well :)

  24. Thanks for your lovely comment dear ! Oh, I really don't know what to say!
    Your blog is much better ..Thank you sooo much dear !
    You can follow back me dear ??
    I really love your blog too, so gorgeous dear ! Stunning ! Cool and etc ! Anw,love your dress.. Have a nice too dear <3


    Meisza Adilla Herssy ( http://meiszaecha.blogspot.com/ )

  25. Awesome! My fav is the second last picture


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