Monday, 16 July 2012

Khaki Killer

Top &Jacket - Topshop | Shirt - vintage | Trousers - thrift | Shoes - Koi Couture | Bindi - Sai Fashions

Summer is finally here! I broke up from school on Wednesday, and that means I have more time to spend on my blog and fashion line. I also have a couple of zines lined up to publish on my blog as well as my online store to open! I'm also looking forward to moving back to Dubai for a while: Dubai is my favourite country!

Since we broke up for the holidays, I've been in a very laid-back mood; so this outfit felt mandatory to post. I love the lazy "I just threw this on" vibe to outfits, it makes everything seem so much more effortless and naturally chic. Khaki green colours are my personal favourite colours for this summer, something which I feel is made perfectly evident from the images above! Using studs is the perfect way to toughen up any old outfit, and if you're not a fan of embellishing garments with studs, then slipping on a pair of studded loafers can be the perfect alternative. I will be selling these spiked loafers on my online store, (opening very soon now!) so if you were planning on where to find a pair for yourself, you don't have to look much further.

Culture has always played a big role in my life, and looking back at my childhood, I feel immensely lucky to belong to a heritage so rich in culture and art. Culture is most definitely a fascinating aesthetic, but it's even better if you feel a sense of belonging to that culture. I have always had an obsession with bindis; they look so dainty and unique as well adding that finishing touch to any outfit. For those who are curious, the bindi represents the "third eye", also known as the pineal gland, of your brain and is commonly used by people from South Asia.

Love from,

Miss Iffa 


  1. I think this outfit is so awesome, I really felt the effortless chic in this. I think the bindi compliments the outfit so well. :)


  2. Beautiful photos! I love your shoes, I really want to get a pair of studded flats. Thanks for posting :)

    xx Veronica

  3. I've never seen a camo jacket styled like this, but this looks really great :) who knew tailored trousers would look so good with an army jacket?
    love daisy xx

  4. The flats are amazing!

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  6. Very cool! Kisses!

  7. Hello Miss Iffa,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. That's the best I've ever heard about my blog...
    Also, I cannot see you on my follower's list. Could you try following once again. I'm following you too.
    And, I must say, You look sweet and adorable in all your posts.

  8. Lovely outfit! The "military" jacket is adorable :)

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  9. I love this colour palette, definitely a favourite of mine. Studs are something I'm obsessed with too! You look gorgeous, have a lovely time in Dubai :-)

  10. great look dear:) thanks i follow u back

  11. I love this laid back style, especially your loafers. Have an amazing time in Dubai and enjoy the sun!!


  12. Lovely look! :)

  13. Love the shoes:)
    Totally laid-back look!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  14. Oh, thank you, Missiffa. :) Im following you too! ;)
    You've got perfect hair and i love the throusers.... ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. I love your jacket they are so in right now, I am thinking of investing in one


  16. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog, your outfit looks amazing.

    Am following you, hope you can follow back , if you like my blog


  17. Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by, following you as well. You have such chic style!

  18. thank you, I loved your comment, glad you liked it. My blog is new, he did one month ago, is super cool, and I'm loving it. Your blog is also good, I liked its looks and I will follow you too...xoxo

  19. thanks for the lovely comment. following you back ;)

  20. Oie, obrigada pela visita, adorei conhecer o seu blog também, e já virei seguidora :D
    Adorei seu slepper, super street style!!!
    Beijos e venha nos visitar mais ;)
    Alih ;*

  21. oh, what an awesome comment!
    thank you so much!!

    take care!

  22. Hi great post, I have now followed you back, although it says you haven't followed me? thanks xx

  23. lovely outfit!
    xx nia

  24. i love your shoes!


  25. Hiya thanks for the lovely comment on my blog ^^

    Lovely blog, your look really cute too ^^

    Great post on Khaki hehe, I don't know many people who can wear this colour and rock it but you sure CAN!!

    Love from your newest follower


  26. I love how effortless this is! Such a classic look, but still interesting. I'm so in love with that jacket too!

  27. Love this casual chic outfit! Thanks for your kind words on my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. I'm following you now with pleasure :)
    Masala Diary

  28. Your shoes are amazing :) would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  29. I love that outfit and you have gorge hair!

    Great blog hun.

    Sheree x


  30. Good style, i'm in love with your shoes! :)

  31. oooh i love the shoes! thanks for the lovely comment <3

  32. I have these shoes and I've worn them out completely. There's barely anything left of them!

    Lovely blog, keep up the good work x

  33. Thanks for the sweet comment, your blog is amazing! xxx

  34. I absolutely love the shoes, they are amazing.

    Lorna xo

  35. Hi Ms Iffa,

    I found you thru your comment in my personal blog.Thanks for commenting.

    I love your casual wear so much.They're so carefree,easy and relaxing.For sure it is good for weekends!Do visit my blog sometimes.I created a new fashion blog(finally!!).


  36. Cute look, nice blog, follow each other?

  37. love the look!
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  38. this is so beautiful! I love it! You have a great day!

  39. You sure are a star! :) I am so mighty impressed girl :) Already gotten addicted to this amazing blog :)
    Keep up the wonderful work :)
    Thank you very much for the meaningful comment on my blog, I am following you and loving it :)
    Namita <3

  40. great loafers! i want them!!!! :D they´re so stylich & chic! wanna follow each other? :) invite me...

    xoxo, Timbo

  41. First: Thank you for your kind comments! You're a really lovely person. How did you get the German translation? It's really good - and very sweet of you. :)

    That khaki jacket is so cool! I agree with you: It is a great colour- Very natural, and it fits to almost anything. ;) I love your outfit, looks very casual and at the same time totally en vogue. You're a talented designer/trendsetter. ;)
    You look gorgeous and are very beautiful!

    I hope you enjoy your holidays. :)
    It's good to see that you're so aware of your culture and the richness it has to offer. :) Eastern culture is very interesting, not only when it comes to art, but also when you take a look at its science past. (For a long time, their doctors and scientists were more advanced than their Western colleagues).
    Maybe you could tell your curious readers more about your heritage/where your cultural style is rooted?
    I'm very interested. :)


  42. you look great!!
    I have a similar pair of shoes, I love them! :)
    have a great week!

  43. thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment. Unfortunately I cannot see you in my followers, can you try that again?I really like this comfy outfit, especially your jacket:) you look very pretty:)

  44. This styling is wonderful . :)


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