Sunday, 29 July 2012

Favourite Monthly Bloggers: July

Writing blog posts is a highly cherished hobby for me, but as well as being on the writing side of things, I enjoy being on the reading side too! So I decided to make a monthly feature to showcase some of my favourite daily-read blogs. These bloggers are also all Koi Couture bloggers, which means they have constant blog features from the UK's largest footwear design house (and the lucky ones get free shoes too!) Anyone can be a Koi blogger too, you can find out more information hereI highly recommend you follow these bloggers and give them a read!


I have been reading Charlotte's blog for many months now and I've never been sick of it! Charlotte puts such  formidable effort into her shoots; she styles everything from her clothing to the backdrop so effortlessly and skilfully. She always looks like an ethereal goddess and has the style to prove it too. I love perusing through her shop for a quick shopping fix too.

If you love high street clothing then you'll love Charmaine's blog. Charmaine's style is effortlessly on-trend every time. I would seriously recommend her blog if you're in need of a quick street style fix; she's certainly one to watch!

As well as looking like Florence Welch, Leigh also has an impeccable sense of style. I love how she dresses things up or down and always manages to stand out from the crowd. She picks unique accessories to really put her own personal stamp on her style.

Just by scrolling through Meg's blog, you can see her transform a simple girly dress into the perfect grungy ensemble. This talent is really formidable and good talent doesn't go unnoticed by me; Meg really deserves more publicity for her fabulous bog and knock-out style.

I am willing to take in submissions for next month's favourite fashion bloggers, so if you feel like your blog deserves to be showcased, then drop me an e-mail at

Love from,

Miss Iffa 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Acid Wash

Top // River Island  
Skirt // Zara 
Backpack, Shoes & Cap // Topshop 
Bracelets // Dubai markets
Ring // vintage 
Bindi // Ebay

Backpacks remind me of being a kid; tottering around with the latest trendy backpack in tow and feeling like the coolest kid in the universe. In my mind, I was the coolest kid with the coolest backpack since Dora the Explorer. This acid wash neon denim backpack really puts me in a nostalgic mood and takes me back to the days where I was the epitome of "cool". My most recent purchase has been this grey, mesh-like top from River Island. It's perfect for effortless layering and pulling off a grungy vibe - something which I have been much more interested in recently. My love for maxi skirts hasn't gone unnoticed on my blog; I'm sure every one of my readers know that I was born to wear maxi skirts! A silk maxi skirt is perfect for a humid day, and I can't resist mentioning the breezy flutter of the silk when a subtle gust of wind passes by! (I know, my opinions are so unconventional!)

Nowadays everyone is so accustomed to seeing denim in the form of jeans or a chambray shirt that I think we have forgotten that denim can appear in many other different shapes and sizes too! I like to play around with my denim, so I opted for a miscellaneous salad mix of a denim backpack and a denim cap in an acid wash style. And of course, my affinity for the wonderful bindi continues! I have worn bindis ever since I was a kid, (I was definitely a cool kid) and I like to wear bindis as a sort of tribute to my magnificent culture and rich heritage.

I hope you're all having a memorable summer, wherever you are!

Love from,

Miss Iffa 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Layered Lace

Dress & Blazer - Zara | Shoes - Topshop | Watch - Selfridges&co | Slave bracelet - Topshop

First of all, I want to waste no time in saying that my Missiffa store is now open! At the moment there is little I am selling, but I have lots of things lined up to sell; everything from bespoke designer pieces (Kurt Geiger shoes anyone?) to items designed and made by myself. Everything is selling at a good, cheap price, so it's worth you taking a look! You can access my store through my blog (check the links in the banner) or by clicking here. At the moment, I'm selling a beautiful snake print blouse which you should really have a look at here! Opening my own store is a great summer project for me, I already sell to major chains across the world, but e-commerce is something new to me.

As I've mentioned more than once on my blog: I adore lace! Anything adorned with lace is a sure favourite in my books; adding lace to any outfit gives an elegant touch. The creamy white colours of the dress paired with a lightly fringed blazer and pastel pink ballet flats makes an effortlessly sophisticated outfit. My most recent purchase has been a gold Casio watch; the colour gold on watches and jewellery is timeless and was therefore an almost mandatory purchase for me. The watch is is based on those old school, 1990's watches; and me, forever being the 90s kid I am, felt it was necessary to pay homage to former era. I have South Asian roots, and the culture of India/Pakistan is both fascinating and alluring. Slave bracelets and bindis among many other things have made their way into the western fashion market, I think it's wonderful that more of the world is seeing how beautiful our culture is! I am a self-confessed culture hybrid, so I'm always incorporating something eastern into my western clothing.

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all my wonderful readers and followers! I recently passed the 600 follower mark and I really cannot believe it! Thank you all for being so supportive and frankly, the best readers in the world.

Love from,

Miss Iffa 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Khaki Killer

Top &Jacket - Topshop | Shirt - vintage | Trousers - thrift | Shoes - Koi Couture | Bindi - Sai Fashions

Summer is finally here! I broke up from school on Wednesday, and that means I have more time to spend on my blog and fashion line. I also have a couple of zines lined up to publish on my blog as well as my online store to open! I'm also looking forward to moving back to Dubai for a while: Dubai is my favourite country!

Since we broke up for the holidays, I've been in a very laid-back mood; so this outfit felt mandatory to post. I love the lazy "I just threw this on" vibe to outfits, it makes everything seem so much more effortless and naturally chic. Khaki green colours are my personal favourite colours for this summer, something which I feel is made perfectly evident from the images above! Using studs is the perfect way to toughen up any old outfit, and if you're not a fan of embellishing garments with studs, then slipping on a pair of studded loafers can be the perfect alternative. I will be selling these spiked loafers on my online store, (opening very soon now!) so if you were planning on where to find a pair for yourself, you don't have to look much further.

Culture has always played a big role in my life, and looking back at my childhood, I feel immensely lucky to belong to a heritage so rich in culture and art. Culture is most definitely a fascinating aesthetic, but it's even better if you feel a sense of belonging to that culture. I have always had an obsession with bindis; they look so dainty and unique as well adding that finishing touch to any outfit. For those who are curious, the bindi represents the "third eye", also known as the pineal gland, of your brain and is commonly used by people from South Asia.

Love from,

Miss Iffa 

Friday, 6 July 2012

London Photo Diary

London is a wonderful, bustling city full of all types of people; from high-end businessmen to tourists with SLR cameras slung around their necks. I had the privilege to go to London for two days with my friends, we spent the days watching performances in the theatre, shopping in Covent Garden and perusing through various art galleries. 

At the theatre, we were lucky enough to get tickets to watch Shrek and War Horse; I personally would have preferred to watch Woman in Black, but unfortunately, we couldn't get hold of tickets. Nevertheless, both performances were riveting and well worth the watch! If you're planning a trip to the theatre any time soon, I would highly recommend you watch these performances. Covent Garden is one of the most iconic areas of London, and if you've ever been there, you'd understand why! Covent Garden is full to the brim with live music, lots of food and independent retailers. I bought a handmade jasmine and rose perfume for my mother from a little stall which sold handmade and vintage perfumes; definitely the kind of place you'd love to go again and again. Visiting the art galleries in London was possibly my favourite part of the trip; at the National Portrait Gallery I was able to view the most iconic portraits from the Tudor era - a mesmerising opportunity. My favourite author at the moment is Philippa Gregory, and I have become so obsessed with her Tudor Court novels and the Tudor period in general, that I made sure I packed in some time to view the symbolic portraits of our previous kings and queens.

Of course, a trip to London without seeing Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament is practically impossible! We had an excellent time taking the mandatory pilgrimage to the staple areas of London. London is definitely worth the visit, it's one of the most iconic cities of the world and millions flock to London every month to see the city in all its glory.
Thanks to Hunaiza for taking the photos!

Love from,

Miss Iffa 
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