Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bright White

Blouse - Zara | Maxi skirt - Zara | Sandals - River Island | Necklace - Zara | Cuff - vintage

I've returned!

My exams are finally over and it feels like an era has passed since I've properly done an outfit post! I've missed all my followers so much, it's great to be back! Since I've been gone, I've developed an obsession for anything white, anything with lace and anything from Zara. My favourite colour for summer has always been white, there are so many things you can do with it; it's versatility can be demonstrated through layering, colour blocking, sharp cuts, pretty much anything!

Zara is my favourite high-street/designer store at the moment. I love Zara's minimalistic take on clothing; rather than experimenting with the generic colours, Zara use different textures, fabrics, prints and cuts to influence the season's trends. Zara perfectly mix high-street with high-end, resulting in the most classic, modern and sophisticated pieces. I went on a little shopping trip today, and stocked up on clothing from Zara for my upcoming holiday (Dubai!); most of what I bought is either trimmed with vintage-inspired lace or made of the most softest material!

Wearing head-to-toe white was a bold yet easy choice to make. A monotone look is often easier to pull off than people think, and I love accessorising with boldly coloured jewellery to contrast with the canvas-like white. I am truly besotted with this neon pink necklace I bought from none other than Zara, it stands out well over the white blouse and skirt; it's really a statement piece. For a shopping trip, this outfit is perfect; minimalistic yet still a creative way to make a statement.

I have a new header for my blog, I would love to have your opinions on it, do you like the style or should I switch back to my old header? You may have noticed in my sidebar that I am soon to launch my online store! I will be selling clothing and shoes, as well a few one-of-a-kind pieces from my brand at a reasonable price. If you have any vying questions you'd like to ask about the store, do ask! In fact, if you have any sort of vying question to ask about anything, feel free to, and I'll be sure to answer them in my next post.

Love from,
Miss Iffa

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Littlewood's Summer Wedding Styles (sponsored post)

Summer is here, which means it’s time for summer weddings and, most importantly, wedding outfits! Yet, with so many different styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when you hit the shops. Think about the type of wedding you are attending and it should help you to come up with the perfect outfit. 

Left to right: Oasis Tropical Print Shift Dress, Little Mistress Lauren Pope Shift Dress

City Wedding 
If you’re attending a city wedding then go for a chic and classic style with a fashion forward twist. A 1950s cut, shift dress will look great in one of this season’s tropical bright colours. Team with contrasting accessories and a small fascinator and cinch your waist with a thick belt. 

Left to right: Love Label Lace Peplum dress, Jameela Jamil Printed Dress 

Country Wedding
This summer, the high street is a cornucopia of floral fabrics and if you want to try the trend then a summer wedding is the perfect occasion. For a super cute look choose a peplum cut and go full on 80s revival with plastic beads and bangles. You can make this outfit work with flats so you’ll have no concerns about walking on grass. To avoid the fancy dress look, keep your hair and makeup simple. 

Overseas Wedding 
If you’re lucky enough to be attending a wedding in the sun then tropical bright shades are just the ticket. Hawaiian prints are big news for Summer 2012, and what better place to wear them than in a tropical paradise? 
If your wedding is on the beach then you could opt for a playsuit instead of a dress, leaving you free to frolic in the sand. Bring your outfit up to wedding standards with a tropical flower headpiece or corsage and team with a bright belt and statement jewellery.

Left to right: Berketex Mesh Panel Corsage DressTeatro Beaded Occasion Maxi Dress
Formal Wedding
If your wedding invite has a formal dress code then you need to stick to it. There are plenty of great occasion dresses available this season, offering the perfect combination of comfort and style. 
Maxi dresses are one example, providing you choose one in a pretty, ethereal print. Dress it up with minimalistic, metallic accessories and keep your shoes plain and demure. Add a small shawl to cover your arms and keep your hair and make-up natural.

Whatever You Do…
Lastly, whatever type of wedding you are attending; make sure you steer clear of white. Even if your dress looks nothing like a wedding gown, the bride won’t thank you for wearing this shade so stick with pastel shades, neutral tones or brighter colours.

Love from,

Miss Iffa

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Free Designer Shoes Giveaway!

I just wanted to update you all on a little change you may have seen on my blog; I have a new URL! My blog is now officially I would love to have your opinions on this change; the name Missiffa has been one which has always stuck with me in the blogging world, so it made sense to me to have this as my name.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, I have a little giveaway for you all! I am giving away a gorgeous pair of black designer wedges; for free!

It's super easy to enter, none of the longer-winded stuff that some bloggers make you do.

All you have to do is like and share this post and your entry is in! (it would super nice if you could like our page whilst you're there too!)
This competition is open to anyone worldwide and the winner will be announced on Friday 15/6/12.

The exquisite black wedges you are hoping to win are by a brand called Koi Couture; the UK's biggest footwear design house! These fabulous black wedges are a staple for any outfit, and now they can be yours for free.

Good luck! Love from,

Miss Iffa 
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