Sunday, 29 April 2012

Humbug Stripes

Top - River Island | Blazer - New Look | Skirt - Topshop | Bag - H&M | Cuff - gifted | Ring - markets | Watch - Toy

Hello lovely readers!

I've had a lovely, albeit, lazy weekend. It's the first weekend after exams and I'm savouring every minute of it! I have ditched my old BlackBerry Torch, and instead bought an iPhone 4s; you know I've never been a keen fan of BlackBerry from this video, so it was almost a relief getting rid of it! Instead I have shiny new iPhone, complete with a Marc by Marc Jacobs case and the lot! I also have Instagram, so feel free to give me a follow; username: missiffa.

You all know that I am just a bit obsessed with maxi skirts, I've already mentioned how I love their versatility and, of course, floatiness! I wouldn't really call my style the epitome of grunge, but I enjoy picking up a few inspirational pieces from the aesthetic from time to time. Like the maxi skirt, if grunge was your kind of style I'm sure that this skirt would be a staple for you. The spring/summer catwalks were awash with colour and much of it came in big bold stripes. I was particularly inspired by's coverage of humbug stripes . At Prada the stripes were proud and wide in orange green and pink, while over at Sonia Rykiel traditional summer shades of pastels eased along the catwalks. Personally, I love the idea of getting my inspiration from a classic hard-boiled sweet.

The purple tie-dye picture admittedly took a very long time to construct! I've only very recently started using Photoshop to edit pictures, and I intend to use the program to edit my photos in this way. What are your opinions? I've also provided another YouTube video for you all to view at your leisure, I have to say, I'm becoming slightly addicted  to accompanying my outfit posts with a YouTube video!

Love from,

Miss Iffa

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tuesday Link Love

Hello lovely readers!

I apologise profoundly for my lack of attention to this blog, I've been swamped under so many exams lately, but thankfully today was the final day of exams (for now), so I can finally get back into my normal routine! I haven't done a Link Love post in a while; so I decided to rekindle all of my favourite places and spaces of the internet for you all to peruse at your leisure.

1. Creepers at

2. Llama Del Rey Parody Account

3. Best Coast - When I'm With You

4. Marina and the Diamonds - Diamond Ring

1. Creepers at - Despite thinking that I wouldn't, I have officially jumped on the creeper bandwagon. I'm head-over rubber-soled heels for creepers! Boohoo currently supply some lust-worthy creepers. They're perfect for embracing the grunge aesthetic and as well as this they are durable and comfy too! My own pair of creepers are on the way; so be set to see them in many of my outfit posts!

2. Llama Del Rey - This is a brilliant parody spin-off account of Lana Del Rey. The unknown genius behind this Twitter account spews, or spits would be more appropriate, out Llama-fied Lana lyrics along the lines of Spitting in the old barns, Walking with my four arms, Living for the hay. This account is a brilliant follow or a at least minimal glance over!

3. Best Coast - When I'm With You - How I stumbled across Best Coast I'm not sure, I have not listened to many of there songs, but my friend, who is a huge fan and music guru, has introduced me to more musical material. This song is perfect for putting you in a good mood instantly, it's delightful, tuneful and never fails to remind me of summer.

4. Marina and the Diamonds: Diamond Ring - Marina Diamandis has a voice which will undoubtedly give you goosebumps on you skin. It's so superior, powerful and overwhelming. I personally really want this big fake plastic diamond ring from Marina's merchandise store. It's the type of thing I would've worn as a kid, and I adore Marina's sickly-sweet and sour approach to fashion and music.

I have a few thank you's to give, firstly, thank you to Karishma of Ginger Snaps for featuring my blog post on her blog! It was a true honour to be able to feature on such a prestigious blog by a fabulously talented blogger. Thank you to Ruby of It's a Beautyful Life for awarding me a Versatile Blogger Award, it's always great to hear back from keen readers, and I'm overwhelmed by the fact that a talented blogger such as Ruby takes the time out to read my blog! Also wanted to give a little shout-out to Rachel of These Foolish Things, she is a tremendous blogger with impeccable style, she's a lovely reader of my blog too! I recommend you to visit her blog and witness her talent for yourself!

Gosh, this has been a long text post! Till next time lovelies!

Miss Iffa

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Turquoise Monochrome

Blazer - Topshop | Top - New Look | Maxi skirt - New Look | Wedges - H&M | Right arm - Accessorize | Left arm - vintage/gifted | Necklace - gifted (but most likely from Accessorize)

Hello lovely readers!

What a week it has been! After relentless revision for exams, I feel as if my brain can not handle any more information! It has been a challenge juggling revision with birthday parties, cinema trips, concerts, restaurant outings to name but a few. Speaking of concerts, I recently attended a concert to see Rahat Fateh Ali Khan perform live, if you haven't heard of him, you will hopefully recognise him from this big number. I was also invited to visit Manchester Fashion Week, it was fabulous and I really enjoyed seeing potential summer trends on the catwalk.

I adore maxi skirts, I love how they pack such an impact and can look so affective dressed both up and down. I picked this turquoise maxi skirt up at New Look, along with the top in a matching colour, I'm a big fan of working one single colour throughout a whole outfit, in other words, I am passionate over monochrome outfits. Deep bold colours are lovely for an evening out and are easier to conjure up than most people would think. Although this outfit would look flattering without any additions, to compromise with unpredictable English weather, I decided to wear a polka dot print blazer for added warmth and a bit a of a play with patterns.

I have provided another YouTube video in the form of an OOTD for you all! There will be more videos coming your way very soon, so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Also, a big thank you to all my latest followers and new readers; reading your lovely comments really make me smile. You're all fabulous!

Love from,

Miss Iffa

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Material Clash: Chiffon, Leather, Denim

Dress - Glamorous | Leggings - H&M | Denim jacket - thrifted | Boots - Koi Couture | Rings - vintage | Bracelets - Guess | Cuff - vintage | Nail polish - Silver Bullet @ H&M (set of three)

Hello lovely readers!

My terrible cold has drifted away, along with the remnants of jet lag, although I'm still suffering from post-Russia depression; it's a lovely place which is bound to be missed! I've been babbling on about my holiday to Russia for a while on my posts, but I would more importantly like to know what my beautiful readers have been up to! I would love to hear about your recent happenings, so feel free to fill me in.

I love this whole idea of clashing different fabrics together to make one tapestry, after being inspired by my favourite bloggers, I thought I'd give it a spin. I spotted the chiffon dress whilst window shopping, and I fell is love with the way it was styled shorter at the front and longer at the back. It struck me as being a maxi-midi dress mash-up. I had the denim jacket used in this post stored away in my wardrobe since last summer, which evidently, was quite some time; I truly felt elated pulling it out of my wardrobe after a snowy week in Russia! I always dress according to how I'm feeling; right now, whilst I am writing this out, I am wearing head-to-toe ombré in yellow shades. At the time, I wanted to toughen up my outfit with a bit of leather, I wore the leggings which you may have recognised from this previous post. I wouldn't describe my overall style as the epitome of grunge, but I do like taking inspiration from the grunge aesthetic from time-to-time. Finally, I rounded off my outfit with my mother's vintage cuff and some Guess bracelets; I firmly believe that accessories can completely change the aesthetic of your outfit. Looking back now, I wish I'd have worn a few feathers in my hair to really bring about the tribal look.

Hope you all have a good Easter! Also, check out my latest post for HerStyle here!

Love from,

Miss Iffa

Friday, 6 April 2012

Russia Photo Diary

I returned from Russia two days ago, and since then, I have been suffering from post-Russia depression, the worst cold ever and the remnants of jet lag. I'll leave my woes out of this discussion, however, as I wanted to share some of my experiences in Russia with you all!

In Russia, we visited Moscow and St Petersburg, both beautiful cities in their own unique ways. I have to mention the weather of Russia, undoubtedly it was freezing. No matter how many layers one wore, the cold managed to get through to your bones in some way or another. Prepare yourselves for image overload!

Beautiful hand painted Russia dolls and other assorted souvenirs. 
The most common things you will find at a Russian souvenir store are Russian dolls, Russian hats and the usual magnets, crockery and mini models of famous landmarks.

Hard Rock Cafe - Moscow
I was awestruck to find Hendrix's fur coat which he both owned and wore in the 60's at the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow.

Heinz ketchup!
Taken in the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow. I'm so impressed by anyone who can speak and read Russian, it seems like such a complicated language!

St Basil's Cathedral - Moscow
The iconic St Basil's Cathedral is even more splendid in real life. The unusually gloomy weather does not put the cathedral in its best light; but the fabulous architecture and bold colours speak for themselves.

Strolling around in GUM 
ГУМ, or GUM in English (pronounced goom) is the equivalent to Harvey Nichols or Sak's Fifth Avenue. The huge department store has a collection of different brands from around the world.

GUM at night
The GUM façade facing Red Square. The building is eloquently lit up, as was the adjacent St Basil's Cathedral. The beautiful lights made it feel like Christmas!

The Kremlin - Moscow
The iconic word "kremlin" actually means "fortification", and so there are essentially many kremlins in Russia, but Moscow's kremlin is referred to commonly as "the Kremlin". Historically the Moscow Kremlin was the seat of both political and religious power in Russia, but that changed in 1712 when Tsar Peter the Great announced that he was moving the capital to St Petersburg.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - Moscow
This was a great highlight of the trip. We went inside the cathedral, and words can not explain just how beautiful it was. The architecture, the artwork, everything about the cathedral was so grand. Unfortunately, taking photos inside the cathedral is not permitted; but I highly recommend you search for some images of inside the cathedral on the web.

Yusupov Palace - St Petersburg
Russia is rich with historical palaces, my favourite was probably the Yusupov Palace in St Petersburg. Fortunately, we were allowed to take pictures here, but it would take me far too long to show you them all! This room is a more cultural room with Arabic decorated on the walls and grand statues adorned in the corners. There seemed to be something of every culture in Yusupov Palace, I highly recommend you look up more images of the palace on the web.

Food at the banquet
We attended a lovely banquet at Yusupov Palace in the evening, I really enjoyed it! The tables were adorned with elegant crockery and I loved seeing the traditional and cultural food such as the infamous borsch.

Hermitage Museum in Winter Palace - St Petersburg
The State Hermitage is a museum of art and culture in St Petersburg. With fantastic artwork ranging from Van Gogh to Matisse. If you are a fan of art. then I highly recommend you visit the Hermitage Museum, seeing famous artwork up close and live is a whole other experience.

Outside Winter Palace - St Petersburg
Evidently, Winter Palace is richly decorated inside and out. The palace is beautiful and grand and well worth the visit. I'm outside the palace with my gorgeous friend!

Ballet at the Imperial Hermitage Theatre
Ballet is such an elegant form of dance, I enjoyed watching fragments of famous ballets such as Swan Lake, Sheherezada, Corsair and the masterpiece of Russian ballet: The Dying Swan

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this post, Russia is a beautiful place which you must see at least once in your life. It's full of culture, rich architecture, intriguing history and famous landmarks.

Love from,

Miss Iffa
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