Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY: Simple Glitter Nail Art - Minimal Effort!

I love glitter. It has become something I embed everywhere and the latest glitter victim are my nails. A big problem with glitter nail lacquer, however, is that they can be awfully difficult to remove! I sort about different alternatives, and my initiative led me this very simple but oh so glittery way to sparkle of your nails. I practised on my friends nails, and what lovely nails she has!

What I Used
- H&M Silver nail polish
- Thick confetti-like glitter
- Barry M pearl white glitter dust (optional)
- RMK Base & Top Coat


First of all, you need to paint your nail with one coat of silver nail lacquer. You can add more coats if you want but you will not be able to see the silver very clearly under the glitter.

After you have painted one nail, sprinkle on some thick confetti-like glitter. I would suggest you paint one nail at a time, just so your nails do not dry up before you sprinkle on the glitter. The wetness of the lacquer helps to position the glitter.

Sprinkling on the glitter!

After a bit of positioning

To add some extra sparkle, sprinkle on some fine glitter. This could be anything from ordinary craft glitter or even edible glitter or fine make-up glitter! I actually used Barry M's fine line glitter dust for some extra sparkle.

Sparkling on!

The final step is the most important step! Add on a few layers of top coats; until you are completely satisfied that the glitter does not fall off, do not stop piling on the top coat! The top coat also adds a nice glossy finish to your nails.

After the top coat

And again!

Close up - how sparkly!

A final shot - I love how the ring matches the nails!
I hope this DIY will come in handy for you all, it is incredibly practical and requires minimal effort! It's perfect for a night out, and when just glitter nail lacquer doesn't quite cut it. You don't need to worry about taking this easy nail art off, no pesky glitter stains from ready-made lacquers; and because the glitter is chipped confetti, the paper will slip off easily with just stroke of nail polish remover.

Love from,

Miss Iffa


  1. WOw that really stands out. My roomie is all about her nails so Ill tell her about this :)

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  3. Amazing post and gorgeous pics!
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  4. I love this tutorial, Iffa! I love nail art but I never have the patience or adequate skills to do it; so I'm always up for trying an alternative method. I think I'll definitely give this a go at some point! I love the 3D effect xxx

  5. Hello, I became a reader of your blog, I hope that u'll do it too;)
    Also i have a video blog (VLOG) and write posts about fashion, and so on. (my video blog is in russian)
    I will be glad to see you in my MUSE galaxy)

    with love, Polina

  6. I LOVE your nails, great idea! They came out really awesome


  7. Such a sweet comment!! <3
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  8. Really great tutorial hun. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I just feel everyone has a right to an opinion and even though their company may have a good reputation, it can't be justified if the customer isn't happy :P
    Look forward to reading your future blogs. Hope you can follow me if you haven't already :)

    xx janak'trina

  9. Awesome idea, gonna try it later today! You have a cute blog, I'm your newest follower! Check out mine and if you like it follow back :o)


  10. This is so fun, I love it! And you are so right - glitter nail polish is such a pain to remove!


  11. Love this! Looks gorgeous. Following you :)


  12. ohmygoshhhhh, so pretty! I love the colored bling.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Great idea, looks really cool!

  14. not my thing but really cute idea :D

    and thank you for your comment, that was cute as well. Your "German" is pretty good ;D
    i love yours too and thank you again
    gonna follow you

  15. What a neat idea! I have some time on my hands these days, so I think a manicure is in order!

    Thank you for taking an interest in my blog... I am honored :)
    I went through a couple of your posts so far, and I gotta say, I like your style. Even your layout is very simple yet elegant. Following you ;)

  16. I saw an article the other day all about 3d make-up. I don't wear make-up so this is an awesome alternative. Thanks for following me!

    Rosie xx

  17. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I really liked this post of yours...very innovative and will try it with my daughters who just love to dress up!

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  18. lovely !


  19. this is so pretty! and i do love how it matches your ring!


  20. I like this!! thanks for sharing!

  21. It looks great!

    Do check out the ClucbCouture giveaway on my blog Miss Tangerine, it's the last day to enter and maybe you'll be the lucky one!

  22. love the fact that the jems creep outside the nails and onto the skin too! you've inspired me! i might give it a go tonight :)

  23. Such nice idea, I already think what should I wear with it mm

  24. this would rock a night out!
    Can't wait to try it out!


    check out my blog too:)

  26. Cool DIY! The silver nailpolish itself looks beautiful too!

  27. It looks perfect ! I must do it!


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