Sunday, 8 January 2012

Head Over Heels in the Moment

Dress: Origins
Bangles: Vintage heirloom
Leggings: New Look

As you’ve probably read from my previous posts, I’ve been obsessing with the Mughal era, and how it has affected Eastern cultures and fashions. A lot of the clothes I am currently wearing have been derived from the Mughal times. I decided to take a casual take on what is always seen as a heavily decorated and sequinned empire.

Ever since a glamorous new year’s celebration, I’ve decided to tone things down somewhat. I adore this nude pink dress paired with some of my mother’s vintage Mughal jewellery. You can spot the jewellery here. It’s very laid-back and relaxed for me, the nude pastel colours required barely any effort which seemed idyllic for me at the time. The dress originally came with traditional (but odd) looking trousers, so I decided to switch them with a pair of basic black leggings, as the dress was very long. Despite this outfit being comfortable, it’s out of my comfort zone because I don’t tend to wear pastel colours in masses.

Love from,

Miss Iffa


  1. Thanks for your comment, I used a canon 1100D :)
    Love your jewelery by the way! And your lipstick color is beautiful!



  2. Hi, thanks so much for your sweet comment - it means a lot!! I use a Nikon D3100 with either a 50mm or a 18-105mm lense. Anyway, let's look at you: I really, really like your style in genereal and this outfit is just adorable. I adore the way you put it together with all the accessoires and the make-up - everything matches perfectly!
    Now since I like your style a lot I'm gonna follow you so that I can read more from you!
    have a great evening
    xx from Italy

  3. hey thanx for the lovely comment you left it was soo nice of you =). I love bangles or ethnic jewellery i feel like your wearing the culture which is weird but i like it lol x

  4. wow love the dress!!!
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  5. What an interesting look! I really like it. Very different and inspiring. The dress looks vintage! It's so pretty. I love checking blogs that experiment with different fashions. A lot of blogs don't do too much of that, so it's refreshing to see!

    The bracelets are gorgeous, too.

    Love & Cake,

  6. great dress and bracelets

    kiss dear<3


  7. Thanks for your sweet comment and follow! And for the link that led me to your blog...I love your style! It's very different (in a good way, lol) and I love how you mix eastern and western styles! The dress you're wearing here is gorgeous!


  8. thanks for the comment :)

    you look insanely beautifull :) love this outfit the most!!
    following you :) hope you do the same


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