Monday, 3 October 2011

White On White, With a Splash of Bright!

Dress and scarf from Generation, Koi Couture shoes, (contact me if you would like a pair) leggings from BHS.

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been in a great mood, and no, not only because of the weather! I love discovering fashions from other cultures, and merging them together. It’s like I’m creating an identity for myself.

I fell in love with this long white dress on my trip to Pakistan, even though we’re now officially in autumn, wearing white is for every season! The printed, lime green scarf is also from Generation, I love the light material, and I’ve been looking endlessly for a long scarf just like this.

I think this outfit can easily be switched from day to night with the simple exchange from flats to heeled wedges. A good tip for the colder days would be to pair your summer kaftans with an undergarment, it makes the the outfit look thicker and more applicable to autumn.

If you are interested in anything you’d like to buy, just contact me and I can arrange for a first hand piece in your size. I’d love to hear your comments on this outfit, it’s a little risqué for some, but playing with cultural fashions isvery interesting indeed!

Love from,

Miss Iffa
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